best modern string quartets

best modern string quartets

Baryilli was concertmaster of the Vienna Philharmonic from 1939 and his quartet were resident at the Musikverein. That lineage now continues with the stunning Dover Quartet, who may be considered Guarneri Quartet 2.0. | (Sacha Schneider was in it twice.) All rights reserved  Terms of Use. By using this site you consent to this use in our Cookie & Privacy Policy | Hosted & Managed in the UK by RocketWP, © 2020 Norman Lebrecht. They are consistently a degree more refined in texture and control of dynamic, while the ensemble is more polished. It’s almost impossible to come up with a credible 'top 10' list for the best string quartets, so this is more of a newcomer's starter-pack. Try the Quatuor Ébène set, or the Belcea. For fans of the string quartet repertoire, the new Quadrants modern string quartet collection is heaven. It’s the music that counts. Friday, February 8, 2019, Tracing the evolution of the string quartet from Haydn to Britten, via some of the greatest recordings available. Schoenberg has a similar layout in one string quartet, although perhaps you already have his string quartets. We use cookies and other technology that recognise you to improve your online experience. Two Russians are a chess game. The first authentic American recording, for instance, is by the Pro Arte Quartet, which was founded on high classical principles in Belgium and had as its first violin Rudolf Kolisch, who was the brother-in-law of the arch-modernist Arnold Schoenberg. This includes your “transcendent” recording made in 1952. Let’s talk Hungarian for a moment among ourselves. No mention of the inspirational Lindsay string quartet. Fritz Busch? The Janacek played the whole Beethoven cycle of 16 quartets by memory. The sound, though, is unmistakably their own and in this quartet they are immensely powerful. The slow movement is better known in its string orchestral version, Adagio for Strings. The Emerson made a fad out of standing up long before the Artemis. The core American quartets are the Fine Arts, made up originally of players in the Chicago Symphony, the Guarneri, which taught at Curtis and maintained a strong individualism among its members; the Juilliard; the Vermeer; and, above all the Emerson, which combined large-boned athleticism with intellectual sensitivity, becoming house ensemble for Deutsche Grammophon in the early 1980s. By Nashvillebill in forum Community Forum, By Sebastien Melmoth in forum Classical Music Discussion Polls, By Dont in forum Classical Music Discussion, By Yagan Kiely in forum Classical Music Discussion, By utmusic in forum Classical Music Discussion, All times are GMT +1. Off the beaten track, I suspect that the most lyrical performance is that of the Quartetto Italiano on Philips in 1996, a sound sweeter than Amaretto. Besides the still unequalled Busch Quartet, there is a fascinating historic account by the Klingler Quartet. Four Russians are the Budapest String Quartet.”. Their playing isn’t as glossy, perhaps, as other recent entrants into this field, such as the Jerusalem Quartet, but they have a powerful understanding of the music’s structure, coupled to superlative technical skill. No, I didn’t, she says. 76 in the 1950s, as did the Amadeus Quartet later on; nothing mass-produced or unconsidered about those versions. Three Russians are a revolution. The login page will open in a new tab. They were resident in Belgium, took a trip to America before WWII, and were performing in Madison, Wisconsin when Hitler invaded Belgium. Receive a weekly collection of news, features and reviews, Gramophone The hard, diamond-like timbre of the two violins (the leader's role is shared democratically) is far removed from the breadth of tone one might associate with a David Oistrakh, just as cellist David Finckel is no Rostropovich. IMO, one of the great core American quartets was the Cleveland Quartets whose Beethoven recordings on RCA and Telarc were marvelous. A Listener’s Guide to the String Quartet Repertory. Gramophone is brought to you by Mark Allen Group The Végh Quartet did record the Beethovens in 1952 but they did it again in stereo in the 1970s and it is that set which most collectors are likely to run across. This improvisatory approach is hardly surprising from an ensemble that is also celebrated for its jazz performances. I would have thought they would be past their prime by then. MA Music, Leisure and Travel The ultimate Viennese group, the Alban Berg Quartet, took late Beethoven as a starting point for their exploration of modernism and the 20th century. Welcome to the 107th work in the Slipped Disc/Idagio Beethoven Edition, String Quartet No. The current date and time is. Attenuated inflections are honoured virtually to the letter, textures carefully differentiated, musical pauses intuitively well-timed and inner voices nearly always transparent. There was a joke going around at the time: ‘Big name’ composers still missing: Barber deserves inclusion for his one and only. It is true that the Pro Arte quartet continues with of course all different players than the original (and the successors of those originals), but note that the Fine Arts Quartet also continues to exist and tour. So might I add the Smetana Quartet’s 1961 recording for consideration? 127, the Beethoven Quartet of Moscow are at their best in that one, as are the Smetana Quartet of Prague, especially in their first recording. The Takacs account of opus 127 would have to come near the top of any shortlist. The program notes of the stereo Beethoven sets they released in the late1950s and early 60s made much of the fact that at the time none of the players in their most famous line ups had even been to Budapest. Its intimate character has encouraged many contemporary performers and composers to focus on this medium which has produced countless masterpieces in the contemporary period of classical music. Wilanow Quartet - cover modern works by Slowinski, Gorecki and Meyer - very typical repertoire of the Kronos Quartet Cuarteto Latinoamericano - listen to the female vocalist over string quartet in Ginastera's works. The guide offers one listener’s catalogue of the best string quartets, from Haydn through the 1990’s. After that, it consisted of four Russian Jews until it disbanded in 1967. But these recordings reveal surprising new facets of a body of work that is not going to stand still. Get your Busches disentangled! Tradition does not always run in predictable lines. The Barylli late quartets are not much cop, although the rest of their cycle is fine. The Pro Arte, originally resident at the court of the King of the Belgians, were playing in Madison, Wisconsin, at the outbreak of the Second World War. This is just unreal. Recording the opus 127 1997, there is an edge and daring to the playing that can only come from constant thrust and very great trust between the players.

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