benefits of content syndication

benefits of content syndication

Here are a few examples of excellent places to start with video content syndication: For most digital video publishers out there, these social media platforms will be the best way to get content out there and drive traffic to their websites. That’s where video content syndication comes into play — it is one of the surefire ways of increasing your videos’ visibility and reach. This usually means a backlink. Friday February 5, 2010 Sort of like a cliffhanger or a suspense story where you leave them wanting more – but they have to come to your sales page to get the rest of the story. If you aren’t using content syndication, you are doing your online business an injustice. Directly approaching bloggers and publications – this has the benefit of building direct connections with other brands and gives you complete control. Required fields are marked *. The latest version of DCCN lets you integrate quality content on your website in about five minutes – for free. It takes time, money and most importantly, know-how in order to get results. They would adhere to your message. A guest post is only published on someone else’s website, so it’s still a completely unique piece (or at least, it should be!). Resources such as Microsoft’s DCCN web content syndication service make it easier to save valuable time and money. Getting a customer to the right product, at the right moment in their purchasing decision has never been easier. However, if someone then goes searching for your keywords from that post, the Lifehacker article may appear first in Google search results, as opposed to your version, discouraging people from actually visiting your site. In other words, by syndicating their content, video publishers and content creators get an opportunity to expand their audience and get free publicity and exposure. We use cookies to Provide you with a better browsing experience. Social media groups – if you’re involved in any groups on Facebook, LinkedIn or elsewhere, see if other members would be open to content syndication or content swaps, in exchange for backlinks and mentions. Cisco even predicts that by 2021, 82% of internet traffic will consist of video. To start, web syndication helps you build awareness, generate demand, and increase sales through rich, interactive web content, downloadable sell sheets, whitepapers, decks, brochures, and other targeted content. Let’s go back to the two primary challenges of content marketing: expensive and time-consuming. Enjoy! But how do you get your content out there, and how do you get it noticed? Think about the book titles chosen for celebrity book clubs; they are intentionally chosen to build and reinforce the personal brand of that celebrity. Mike McCoy The year is 1884 and a young Samuel Sidney McClure has just moved to New York City to make his mark as a newsman. Using already written content saves you time and money, if you are not a writer and choose to outsource the work. By continuing, you Agree with our Privacy Policy. Well, if that is what you’re worried about, let us address that point as well. Content syndication is simply different ways of getting spreading your content across the internet in order to get recognized or noticed. When done correctly, syndicating your content provides additional author bylines and quality links back to... Lead Generation. So why aren’t more companies delivering relevant online content at every turn? But syndication is not without its downsides. It helps you gain visibility and improves your SEO. However, it has to be done the right way. There are also a few pitfalls that you need to know of. According to a survey by Salesbox, 65% of B2B marketers reported that they utilized content syndication as a highly effective lead generation strategy in 2017. Today, content syndication is the act of republishing your blog content onto third-party sites in order to gain more exposure. Key Components for Making Captivating Content, The Ultimate Blog Promotion Guide – Teach an Old Blog New Tricks, The Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Conversion Rate Optimization, The Ultimate Toolbox for a Content Marketing Manager, Video Content Marketing: How to Repurpose Video Content, The Art of Being Interesting on Social Media, Social Signals and Backlinks – A Match Made in SEO Heaven, How to Reach Out to the Right Micro-Influencers for Your Small Business, Rise through the Ranks: A Guide on How to Get Followers on Facebook, 7 Content Curation Tools for 2021…Because We’re Already Over 2020, How to Use Curated Content to Boost Your Social Media Profiles, How to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Strategy as a Social Curator, 8 Content Curation Strategies You Need To Know in 2020, Content curation for social media: the ultimate guide for 2020. When used correctly, content syndication can have many benefits: Improve your reach. Such work creates a position for you in your industry as a thought leader. here’s a free template and guide to get started! Some of the campaigns include gated content designed to help generate qualified leads by requiring customers to complete a form when they download high-value content. Instead of publishing them himself, he bought the rights to the stories and sold them to publishers around the world. Sign up for DCCN to get these new campaigns and benefit from this no-cost resource today. Keeping your web pages fresh can sometimes be a struggle for some. These third-party sites allow you to capitalize on their audience, while linking directly back to the original post on your site. According to Zachary Weiner, CEO of Emerging Insider, content syndication is of exceptional value when it comes to B2B organizations that aim at advertising educational content. Lack of originality – if you rely too heavily on third-party content, you’re not likely to have a unique take on things. Some of the new web syndication content now available shows customers how they can get started with: Making sure your customers have the right content at the right time can be difficult.

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