asansol municipal corporation councillor list

asansol municipal corporation councillor list

(4) A new valuation list under sub-sections (1) and (3) shall, unless otherwise directed by the State Government, be prepared in the same manner once in every six years : Provided that if an existing valuation list is not revised for any unavoidable reason, the validity of operation of such valuation list shall not be called in question until a new valuation list takes effect under this Act. 197A. Reference of reports to Municipal Accounts Committee. - The superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of electoral rolls for, and the conduct of, all elections to the Corporation shall vest in the State Election Commission. 113. 111. Utilisation or sale of land for construction of buildings without provision for streets giving access to the site. Vesting of public streets in the Corporation. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, the first meeting of the Corporation for the election of the Mayor and the Chairman shall be presided over by a member to be nominated by the State Government in this behalf: Provided that such member shall not himself be a candidate for such election. 253. [287. Payment of certified amount. 112. 216. (3) If any occupier fails to pay to the Corporation any rent due or falling due which he has been required to pay in pursuance of a notice served upon him as aforesaid, the amount of such rent may be recovered from him by the Corporation as an arrear of tax under this Act. (b) he is an elected Councillor set up by a recognised political party and he has joined a recognised political party on the expiry of six months from the date of election: Provided that the competent authority shall not declare any Councillor to be disqualified under this section without giving to such Councillor a reasonable opportunity to represent his case and, to be heard in person: Provided further that an elected Councillor referred to in sub clause (ii) of clause (o) shall not, on the competent authority being satisfied in this behalf, be declared to be disqualified, if-, (a) the action of such Councillor was taken on obtaining prior permission of, or was condoned by, such recognised political party, or, (b) such Councillor claims that he and any other Councillors, who are the members, of such recognised political party, constitute in the Corporation a group representing a faction consisting of not less than one-third of the total number of Councillors set up by such recognised political party in the Corporation and that all the Councillors constituting such group have voluntarily given up their membership of such recognised political party, or, (c) the former recognised political party of the Councillor merges with another recognised political party, and he claims that he and the other members of his former recognised political party-, (i) have become members of such other recognised political party or of a new recognised political party formed out of merger, as the case may be, or. Licence for hawking, etc. Assensole (now Asansol) Municipality was set up on 1 July 1885, according to a notification dated 23 April 1885. (3) After such attachment no person other than an officer appointed in this behalf by the State Government shall in any way deal with the attached Fund or portion thereof. - (1) The State Government may, after giving the Corporation a reasonable opportunity of being heard, annul any proceeding or resolution or order which it considers to be not in conformity with the provisions of this Act or the rules made thereunder and may do all things necessary to secure such conformity]: Provided that pending the hearing to be given to the Corporation, the State Government may suspend the operation of such proceeding or resolution or order. Prohibition of selling of flesh, fish or animal without licence. Prohibition of sale, etc. Bones - Storing, packing, pressing, cleansing, preparing or manufacturing by any process whatever. (1) save with the written permission of the Chief Executive Officer and in such manner as he may authorise, store or use night soil, cowdung, manure, rubbish or any other substance omitting an offensive smell; (2) use or permit to be used any premises for any purpose which is in the opinion of the Chief Executive Officer, dangerous to life, health or property or likely to create a nuisance on any land or building or workshop or workplace. Notices, etc., to fix reasonable time. [(5)] the Corporation may levy a sewer charge at such rate as it may determine. Sanction to be implied if the Mayor-in-Council defaults in according sanction. - (1) If, at any time, it appears to the State Government that the Corporation has made default in performing any duty imposed on it by or under this Act or any other law for the time being in force, the State Government may, by order in writing, fix a period for due performance of such duty]. Provisions for privy and urinal accommodation in premises where accommodation is not provided or is insufficient. 45A. Levy of surcharge on transfer of lands. (2) The Finance Officer shall also conduct from time to time such other audit of the accounts of the Corporation as the Mayor-in-Council may direct. %%EOF : Provided that such transfer of function or functions of the Corporation to such organisation shall not absolve the Corporation from the responsibility of carrying out the provisions of this Act in relation to the function or functions so transferred.

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