applications of partial differential equations in civil engineering ppt

applications of partial differential equations in civil engineering ppt

APPLICATIONS OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS PRESENTED BY PRESENTED TO Md . DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS WITH APPLICATIONS TO CIVIL ENGINEERING: THIS DOCUMENT HAS MANY TOPICS TO HELP US UNDERSTAND THE MATHEMATICS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Applications of differential equations 1. Sohag Em@il : Daffodil international University 2. Ingeneral,modelingvariationsofaphysicalquantity,suchastempera- ture,pressure,displacement,velocity,stress,strain,or concentration of a pollutant, with the change of timetorlocation,suchasthecoordinates(x,y,z),orboth would require differential equations. applications of differential equations-zbj 1. applications of differential equations presented to:dr.sadia arshad presented by:ashhad abbas gilani(026) shahab arshad(058) riaz hussain(060) muhammad yousuf(082) zuhair bin jawaid(094) 2. Differential equations have wide applications in various engineering and science disciplines. INVENTION OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION: In mathematics, the history of differential equations traces the development of "differential equations" from calculus, which itself …

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