akg c414 xlii vs xls

akg c414 xlii vs xls

When I visited Dale Pro Audio in NYC they had the gold 414 and I tried my vocals through it with a Pend. http://www.akg.com/products//powersl...nguage,EN.html, http://www.akg.com/mediadatabase/psf...5c0ffc4faf.pdf, AKG C414B XLII Microphone 414 B XLII c414bXLII C 414B - eBay (item 220685079765 end time Nov-18-10 02:00:00 PST), http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/nov0...es/akgmics.htm, Slate Digital Launches The VIRTUAL MICROPHONE SYSTEM. The term plasticy used earlier perfectly describes the new 414s. Comparison in a nutshell: AKG C414 XLS: bright, but more of a workhorse mic. I was very disappointed. AKG C414 XLII: even brighter. The C414 has two versions. The mics are pretty similar in their overall frequency response and feature identical controls and features. If you prefer a At $700 no AKG 414 is a good deal not even a new in the box XLII. Great air on the top end, and rich low mids. I had the XLII and it was so bad I practically gave it away. The C414 XLS (left) is more transparent sounding than the C414 XLII, but the latter has a presence boost similar to the legendary C12, which makes it quite flattering on many sources. The appearance of the C414 begins with its compact, somewhat box-shaped design. If you prefer a slightly warmer sound, the XLS will do the trick. For live sound applications and permanent installations, all controls can easily be disabled for trouble-free use. Or is there very little in difference between the two? Besides the two models’ minor cosmetic differences, the main component that sets them apart is the capsule design. I did a search here on gearslutz and someone had picked up a pair for quite a bit less than this. The only reason AKG still makes 414s and they are so well known is they are STILL living off the reputation built by the CK12 brass capsule from 30+ years ago. Das AKG C414 XLS bietet im Gegensatz zur etwas teureren XLII-Variante einen etwas dunkleren Klang und präsentiert sich damit in einem etwas entspannteren Klanggewand. One of them is the XLII that we’ve talking about here and the other one is the XLS. which causes this. If it is black in color, then it is the original "brass' capsule. I am not sure what capsule it has. I'm looking to purchase a pair of C414's - factory matched if available. Well regardless of what people think of this Mic, you can't beat this price with a stick. I found a Pearlman TM-1 for $1100 and it was the difference between pro gear and prosumer versus the XLII. Designed for accurate reproduction and transparency, the AKG C414 XLS features the same capsule as the popular C414 B-ULS. The AKG C414 XLII and XLS keep the classic shape that its predecessors have become famous for. So what capsule did the 414 Comb have? The EB Capsule? 79% Upvoted . share. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Older is better. The XLS is more neutral and transparent-sounding when compared to the XLII. Come up with $300 more and get yourself a good used tube mic. heh. But it does seem like I've heard of these being a little tempermental. Bascially the 4047 has more weight in the lower mids. hide. He has also informed me that the tension on the diaphragms are very good. Beide Modelle bieten umfassende Möglichkeiten, um sich an unterschiedlichste Aufnahmesituationen anzupassen. It shows the unique sonic signature of the highly sought-after AKG C12, which enables lead vocals and solo instruments to be placed even in a dense mix. If its a goood mic I would love to save the money off buying a new one, but at the same time I dont want ot end up with an old mic within a couple of years of the end of its life just to save a couple hundred bucks. One of each is not a bad idea for variety, but a matched stereo pair of one or the other would seem to be a more sensible choice. Hey there! The EB I tested was a 414EB, silver. Is there much of a sound difference when it comes to vocals for both of the condensers? I just bought a 414B-ULS for $500 from one of the folks here on this board. Cap,FET, Traffo. 15 comments. channel strip and it sounded amazing. I have an EB with the ck12 capsule on it... it's presently being cleaned up by Klaus. The EB's are pretty bright to my ears, but in a good usable way. The new ones have the same sonic idea basically, but they sound, I don't know, kind of "plasticky", if that makes sense. If you need a brighter sound, the XL II is your best bet. While AKG has retired most of the C414 lines in its cabinet, it currently sells two versions: the XLS and XLII. Another vote for the older EB. I would not say one is better than the other; it really comes down to the application and what your looking for. C414 Capsules Explained. There was an added depth and detail that is missing in the nylon capsule. It’s slightly warmer than the XLII. Photo: Mike Cameron In fact there are two new C414s, the C414B XLS and the C414 XLII, though the only performance difference between the two models is that the XLII has a more pronounced presence peak than the XLS. I have an EB and a ULS, and I definitely prefer the EB. I was very disappointed. Someone has offered to sell me one of the older silver "EB" models for $700 usd, but I have no idea how it compares to the newer ones. I just recently recapped a 414EB and changed out the capsule to Tim Campbell's CT12. The C414 XLII's slight presence boost and impressive spatial reproduction are both similar to the legendary AKG C12 microphone from 1953.” The XLII has a version of the classic 414 rise from 5k up - which is what we were accustomed to hearing from a 414. The appearance of the C414 begins with its compact, somewhat box-shaped design. The C414 XLII is the successor of the famous C414 B-TL II. I think the EB is really an older mic. A slight additional lift above 3kHz gives this model a slightly more airy and open top end that is useful when miking vocals to capture a contemporary 'crisp' sound, or when miking instruments … I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a great sounding, versatile mic. better for vocals. I had an opportunity to test this old myth on several occasions. They seem to be pretty flat across the spectrum which make the silver ones or ULS good for instruments for a very even sound. The mic sounded so much better than with the Nylon CK12. This thread is archived. How it compares to the 414 XLII? akg c414 XLS vs C414 XLII? Although the design is basic, the beautiful gold grille found on the C414 XLII, makes …

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