25 animals that mate for life

25 animals that mate for life

Other names for the lizard include Eastern Garden Lizard and Changeable Lizard, which is fitting considering their wide range of coloring. Like other pythons, the Indian Python is a constrictor that wraps around and squeezes its prey rather than biting them or injecting them with venom. They will sometimes scream to alert other deer when they have been hurt. Yet they feed on a variety of small amphibians and reptiles by hovering over bodies of water and quickly diving after their prey. The Walking With Lions & Canned Lion Hunting Connection, Ranthambore National Park- On The Trail Of Tigers, Saving Asian Animals (10 Best Conservation NGOs), Endangered Species Spotlight: Snow Leopard, 15 Beautiful Birds Of The Galapagos Islands, How To Experience Traditional Mongolian Culture, Salman Rushdie on India’s Struggle for Independence, 10 Steps To Bhutan Happiness: A Nature Lover’s Travel Guide, 50 Interesting Facts About Elephants (for World Elephant Day). These Indian big cats live in Gir Forest in Gujarat, located in western India. Also known as the Impeyan Pheasant, the Himalayan Monal resides in the world-renowned mountains in North India. These monkeys have black fur all over their bodies, but their tails are bare except for a ball of hair at the end that looks like a pom-pom. These snakes are also endangered because they are dug out of the ground, where they tend to reside, by farmers. Then again, women are like that too...aren't they fellas. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. With a total population of around 500, these lions’ slightly different features may be a result of inbreeding. READ MORE: Facts About the Dhole (Indian Wild Dog). These dogs are also distinct for their communication style, which consists of whistles amongst the pack. Barasingha Deer are also referred to as swamp deer, since they usually live along rivers and not in the open forest. Since they are able to prey on much larger animals, the biggest threat to the Dhole is humans, habitat loss, and diseases from domesticated dogs. These Indian Wild Dogs are known for their speed on both land and water, which aids in their hunting of larger prey such as deer and buffalo. These cats are also a bit smaller than other leopards, weighing only up to 50 lbs. A study says without them, it's not fully efficient. ROB THE RANGER WILDLIFE VIDEOS on Social Networks: Known by many other names (such as the Bamboo Pit Viper, Green Tree Viper, and Bamboo Snake), the Indian Green Pit Viper can be found in southern Indian jungles. These birds of prey live in forests, where they hunt for mammals, amphibians, and smaller birds. King Cobra by Hari Prasad CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Found in northern Africa as well as India, the Spiny-tailed Lizard can handle the heat. They feed on insects and nectar and reside in tropical forest habitats. They can grow up to 10-13 feet in length—twice as long as a person. TWITTER: *******twitter****/robtheranger Their blue-colored fur helps camouflage them in the mountains. Named for Scottish herpetologist Patrick Russell, these snakes are four feet long on average, with a dark brown body and lighter brown spots. Sea Kraits feed on eels and other fish, and their venom is incredibly potent as well. Residing in northern India, the Indian Spotted Eagle has brown feathers with lighter spots that give the bird its name. They also hunt in pairs, tag-teaming their prey, with one eagle directing prey to the other. The Common Krait is virtually inactive during the day, but bites its prey at night, ultimately causing paralysis. All Rights Reserved. They communicate with each other over distances of up to 2 miles by making very low rumbling sounds. Their venom is very potent, and can paralyze or even kill their victims, including humans. Beetlemania. These snakes feed on reptiles and rodents, always swallowing them whole, but also feed on other venomous snakes. TUMBLR: *******robtheranger.tumblr**** GOOGLE+: *******gplus.to/robtheranger Subscribe to my channel for more quality wildlife videos: *******youtube****/subscription_center?add_user=iduberobtheranger. They hunt at night, their prey being other snakes as well as reptiles and small mammals. The Indian Chameleon is similar to other chameleons in its physical characteristics. The Ganges River Dolphin is gray-brown in color, with females having a longer snout than males, and may travel solo or in small groups. READ MORE: Tibetan Culture In Ladakh, India. In India, the bird is found in the Himalayas as well as the Western Ghats. sex apparently due to duress or coercion and situational sexual behaviour) or non-reproductively motivated (e.g. Although they are large in size, these animals graze on grass, leaves, and fruit found throughout their homes in grassy areas and forests. One of their main predators is the Snow Leopard, making them a crucial part of the Himalayan ecosystem. Their ears are smaller and rounder than the African elephant’s, and female (as well as some male) Asian elephants do not have tusks. There are eight species of Saw-scaled Vipers, and some of these are the cause for the most deaths by snake bites globally. Living in northern and central India, the Barasingha Deer is the state animal of Madhya Pradesh and the state animal of Uttar Pradesh. Bengal Monitor Lizards are also exceptionally strong. Rounding out the big four of India’s most dangerous snakes, Russell’s Viper is very aggressive and responsible for many snake bites in populated areas. They are marked by large horns and a blue-gray coat of fur, rather than the typical white fur of the average sheep. Indian Wild Dog), and endemics such as the Nigiri Leaf Monkey. 3 … The iron-like armor of this insect has scientists in awe. Though they technically do not have wings, the long ribs and tails of these lizards extend and allow them to “fly” in order to avoid predators.

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