2019 ktm 690 smc r vs husqvarna 701 supermoto

2019 ktm 690 smc r vs husqvarna 701 supermoto

Si on le 'métier' pour ça, bien sûr. If you want the electronics or you have a KTM dealer closer, the new 690 might be the way to go. By If I’m spending the money I want a “true supermoto.” It seems like the practical choice would just be getting a ktm and throwing supermoto wheels and tires on it but is that even comparable to the husky supermoto. they are so similar the BIGGEST factor when determining which one I would without a doubt is dealer support in your area. Seat concepts low seat option coming out in August for the 2019 690R's- Share this post I’ve heard talk about that for 2019 but haven’t seen any yet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. More electronics anyway, whether they're "better" remains to be seen. Or color ‍♂️. Le cadre treillis tubulaire au chrome-molybdène s'annonce costaud. In the 690 you will find some electronics that you don't find in the 701 but the two bikes are so similar that I would suggest to choose looking at things like dealers, look and fit if you can try them both, I just saw them at an exposition yesterday and they have very different riding and sitting styles, they have very different riding and sitting styles. The KTM will have a quickshifter, two riding modes, cornering ABS and MTC. May 12, 2016. Do dealerships just let you test ride bikes that that? La hauteur de selle demeure montagnarde, perchée à 890 mm de la plaine. Bonjour, J'ai une question, est ce que la Husqvarna 701 ou la Ktm 690 smc r sont bien pour du all days. On retiendra surtout que dans son mode 'Supermoto', il se coupe sur l'arrière et limite son action sur la roue avant, histoire de favoriser toutes sortes de figures. KTM 690 SMC R 2019 - Fiche moto - La ronde des troubadours pourrait ainsi mettre la KTM 690 SMC-R en tête de cortège. Nov 5, 2019. I highly recommend a test ride. They are very similar (nearly identical) bikes and you can't go wrong with either. https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/, https://hexa-moto.com/parking/2014-kreidler-supermoto-50-dd-de-alexkra67--303948, https://hexa-moto.com/parking/2008-honda-cbr-125-de-alexkra67--538134, https://hexa-moto.com/parking/1998-honda-nsr-125-r-de-alexkra--702075, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkpuAHKAvGr-m524XiNjXLQ. More Reviews. Planqué dans la structure arrière, le réservoir gagne 1,5 litres de contenance. l'assurance, Testez le tarif du specialiste assurance moto, Consommation Déjà je voudrais être sûr qu'elles sont toutes deux assurables pour un permis A2 et si je devais faire attention a certains points en l'achetant d'occasion (par exemple si tous les models sont assurables ou seulement ceux après 2013). I can say I’m mainly over going 140+mph however I do want to be able to still get on the highway when need be and not feel like I’m balls to the wall like I did on my 510 and that’s why I’ve had the 701 in mind. Is there any difference? Ainsi, vous pouvez:/ soit captiver les instants avec la SMC-R façon brut de décoffrage et grosse maitrise en désactivant tout ce qu'il y a à bord/ soit vous craquez pour une dose d'assistances. However I did miss being able to get on the highway. Hexa Moto est un site à but non lucratif consacré à la moto et aux scooters. News. The 2019 KTM will have additional electronic features that the Husky will not have, like lean angle ABS and a quickshifter. Archived . Alle Inhalte sind urheberrechtlich geschützt und dürfen ohne schriftliche Zustimmung nicht für Drittangebote genutzt werden. Posted by 1 year ago. Okay so I just went to the dealer and does the 690 not come in a supermoto anymore? If so what? This is the spot to talk about the KTM 690 Enduro R & KTM 690 SMC R, as well as the Husqvarna 701 Enduro & 701 Supermoto. European, Single, and New in Town. Also is that the only difference between the husky enduro and supermoto model or are the brakes and suspension different too? The guy there was saying it’s just the enduro and then guys throw supermoto wheels and tires on it. Thanks. Maybe slight differences in suspension, wheels and tires. I went to the shop intending to buy the KTM and walked out with the Husky. Le 'Street' donne un rendu assez directe mais orienté sureté ; Le 'Sport' répond plus énergiquement, donne du mou au traction-control et autorise les dérapages.L'ABS mérite une explication plus complète. Vergleicht die zwei Supermoto Not sure but the 690 might have a nice tachometer and other luxuries. I have a ktm dealer 10 minutes from my house where the nearest husky dealer is an hour and a half and they only just became a … I’m glad you say this because I started out riding sport bikes. In 2017 the 701 updated their motor....few more HP, 2nd counter balancer (smoother) and fixed some oil consumption issue.

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