100% acetone gallon

100% acetone gallon

The theory behind acetone in 3oz per 10 gallons is a sound principle. So your suggestion that no such advancement is possible flies in the face of all known facts and general common sense, but apparently I am the only one who felt the need to educate you following your incredibly insipid remarks. So having spent about $12 on two quarts of abrasive materials, i looked at a gas can sitting on the ground, i thought i'd give it a go, and sure enough the $2.00 a gallon (at the time) stuff worked like magic getting that paint up. Before Acetone was added to my tank, I retimed my engine. That's a total as a whole of 270.8 miles per full tank. Further it burns, Valve of simple motor opens, fuel goes inside metal chamber Simple motor goes "Bang" Metal value opens and it goes out the tail pipe. There are very real reasons why this is so and the rest of the world are not merely full of **** etc. Because every one is a stupid sheep, haven't you figured that out yet?, if you havent, heres an eye opener; you are a stupid sheep. Acetone Safety Data Sheet according to Federal Register / Vol. Ford researched the alleged problem and found that there was a design flaw that could be fairly easily corrected merely by placing some rubber caps over a couple of bolts that were likely to be driven into the gas tank and spark in the event of a moderate to high speed rear end collision. They were damned either way really. Why don't you try it for yourself rather than just putting it down and naively believing that if there was anything to it those who are actually least likely to help you find out if it works would actually do so. IF we return to our "old" ways (INCREASING DEMAND), that will CAUSE prices to shoot right back up again. Affordable health care products for everyone! Here's one example: Roger Crawford, a businessman and independent researcher in Midland, Tex., takes a different approach to fuel economy. So their testing is inaccurate. I am from Mauritius as well. Corporations are now just like you and I at least in terms of their human and inalienable rights, except that of course they are many many times more wealthy than any single living individual on this planet. I was discouraged by initial results, but I will stick with it and see if things improve. hopefully the mpg increases but can recommend trialling this, the gas im getting though has 10% ethanol as this is required here in NZ. I question how it can bum out seals as it is sold often in plastic bottles. Let's see if it matches up with Aviris's experience. Added 1.5 oz of PURE ACETONE bought from CVS for 2.79. Thanks for sharing that inside info with us! I'm in corporate, And I would bet money that on any forum or blog discussing this (or any other issue), including this one, there are posts from people who are pay'd to sway your mind either direction... Although I have myself cleaned many engine parts with Acetone I can imagine it would keep spark plugs and valves pretty clean. Press firmly from cuticle to tip. If you belive something inst right, just because the big dumb general public hasn't 'accepted' the idea yet... well, We would see $2.00 a gallon gas again, but it is going to take a lot of people. 17 HWY. Not as good as new but the gas savings is useful and the savings in delaying the purchase of a new car is worth even more. I tried acetone in my 2004 Durango 4.7 liter larger image. It would help if you would change your engine oil to mobil 1 0-W-20 or 0-W-30, make sure your air filter is good and clean. When our interests are parallel this is fine but that rarely happens, and ultimately what is best for them is what ultimately is decided by those making the decision. My business is selling scooters and gas mileage, so I am going to publish these findings in the store for my customers. Would you put your money on big oil/gas/auto here? [1][2][15] Meyer's patents are still available online,[16] although there has as yet been no independent verification of his claims. They used that much in 1 gallon. After 3 tanks of gas I should have a good idea if this is going to work or not. HA! That's a big sacrifice. *The Spa Mart is open and shipping your orders. Most gasoline these days is blended with alcohol which prevents the acetone from doing its thing. I was smart enough to know that it could soften up the rubber parts in the engine but because this was an old riding mower I was not concerned wether it would start another day. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The lower the octane the faster it burns. Too many people in our government rely on the success and profits of the oil industry, there is a reason why the U.S. consumes over 30% of the oils industry's yearly output. It is too fast evaporating for most products. This is an issue that is history. i have also beeen resaerching this idea and have became confident enough to begin my own trial with acetone but the funny thing is that if the big oil companies see this more than a fad or above a grassroots amount of useage acetone will soon be two dollars an ounce or somthing of that nature i can see leverage buyouts of acetone maufactures or better yet a clever chemist who makes a fuel additive to render it ineffective dont mean to drag in a dark cloud but after all we are just sheep doing as were told in our free country run by big business rather than the people .......our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. You're just another person spreading wrong information. After reading the note about needing to run 100% gas, I'll have to retry. Options. If you want to see your gascets dry and and fall apartuse alcohol, quess what its in both fuels highly, both gas and E-85. The automotive industrie has figured out to use good seals that stand up to solvents of all kinds. All the oil/gas companies want to do is cover it up and make their profits. We need to keep on being conservative in our oil/gas consumption to KEEP the oil prices coming DOWN. so ye ,i am not sure about that,would like some expert opinion. Frequent trips to the gas pump = more money in their wallets. I once spilled automotive paint in the garage, and a week later i went to clean it up. The oil companies would not be loosing money, they would just charge more for the 'enhanced' gas, if it really worked. I'm sure someone out there is trying this thing right now and will report their findings back to us in this thread (hint, I like charts, lots and lots of charts). Wow, that's so... um, how is a nice way to put it? It is time that people begin to understand the degree and level to which large corporate powers have achieved nearly complete domination over our political system. Some worry about doing damage. Unfortunately, I think this web site has serious interest in BUSTING this TRUE, “Conspiration” theories are not my forte, however hiding the truth and publicizing a lie is not ethical, moral, or professional. Well how about because they don't want it to be more efficient because then they sell less of it. MPG with acetone is 20.0-20.5 mpg, perky response, about like it was at 75K miles. I know that sounds extremely far fetched, but ask any truck driver like myself, they'll tell you the same thing. Go to checker by a quart of Duplicolor Acetone. I suppose the acetone is resolving issues of poor injector spray patterns, sludge in the intake manifold, probably some piston ring blow-by pulling slight oil into the cylinders. Reviews (0) 0.0. Some auto stores are selling acetone. It is time to grow up and understand the reality which we are all facing. It is a solvent just like gasolene is, and at a ratio of 400 to 600/1, is far too diluted anyway. and oil companies are more that happy NOT to tell you about this because you'll have to buy more of their gas, they have no interest in saving you money when your handing it to them. Some cars lost there seals back then. Does this sound safe in a fuel system? They would be able to price the "Extra Power" gas higher to find a point where the new product brings the company more profit per gallon sold, while keeping the dollars-per-mile cost competitive. I live in Mauritius and after reading all the comments here and other Before I started, gas mileage was about 23-25(driving on jammed highways in NYC! Hi, Milage just under 6,000. Good luck. Reagent Grade Acetone (99.5%) For Sale Reagent grade acetone sold by Lab Alley is generally equal to ACS grade (≥95%) and is acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use and is suitable for use in many laboratory and analytical applications. I did have an increase in milage I'm getting 2 miles to the gallon better in the city and on the highway. My small, delicate female brain is hurting from just contemplating it. It sounds risky to me. Learn when you can cost on your daily driving and where you can start coasting. The EPA hasn't tested XtraMPG. Make sure you watch the whole video and also check out our articles on gas efficient driving and other gas saving ideas. The guy who wrote it is not selling anything and claims to have been using acetone in his cars for over 50 years. But since people seem reluctant, he's packaging it as XtraMPG. The GM local dealership said that the usage I am going to try this theory today. He placed some in my tank as I was filling for my return trip. Acetone has also been repackaged as a fuel additive by various inventors.

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