General FAQs

Who are the Commissioners and what are their names?

The Commissioners are:

Chairperson – Mr. Suresh Chandra and the other Commissioners are:

Commissioner Ratu Paula Halaiwalu.

Commissioner Margot Jenkins.

Commissioner Kavita Raniga.

Commissioner Simione Naiduki.

Commissioner Grahame Southwick.

Commissioner Jawahar Lal.

What is the role of the Commissioners?

The Commissioners have three (3) major responsibilities;

  1. formulate policies and procedures.
  2. oversee the conduct of elections
  3. allocate the seats to the 51 successful candidates.

Who appoints the Commissioners?

The Commissioners are appointed by the President on the advice of the Constitution Offices Commission.

What is the term of service of the Commissioners?

The Commissioners are appointed every 3 years.

Fijian Elections Office

Where is the Fijian Elections Office located?

The FEO Headquarter is at 59-63 High Street, Toorak in Suva.

Other Divisional offices are located as follows:

Central            –           Level 1, Victoria Corner Building, Victoria Parade, Suva.

Eastern           –           Tara’s Building, River Road, Nausori.

Western         –           13 Bouwalu Street, Lautoka.

Northern        –           Navakamasuasua Subdivision, Labasa.

Electoral System

How many seats were contested for in the 2018 General Election?

51 seats.

How many constituencies do we have?

Only one.

What electoral system are we using in Fiji?

Open List Proportional Representation system.

How do you make sure that Election is not rigged?

We value Transparency as one of our core values. Hence, in all our processes, we have the presence of the Media Representatives, Observers and Polling Agents.

Pre-poll Voting

How will I know if I am doing Pre-Poll or voting on Election Day?

You should have been notified during the Know Your Election Awareness Drive whether you are doing Pre-Poll or will be voting on Election Day. Otherwise, ask your Turaga Ni Koro or Advisory Councilor who should be able to tell you. You can also contact your Divisional Office and they will provide you with that information

Why is it that some people vote in advance of Election Day?

The Electoral Commission has authorized that Pre-Poll be carried out in certain areas due to its remoteness or where the number of voters in that locality may not be sufficient for the establishment of a Polling Station on Electon Day.

When will we know the date and time of Pre-Poll

Within seven (7) days after the close of nominations, the Electoral Commission will publish the Notice of Pre-Poll in all Newspapers, which will include the Dates, Times and Venues in which Pre-Poll voting will take place.


This will also be published on the FEO website and Facebook page

How will we know the numbers of the candidates we wish to vote for?

You will be given a copy of the Voter Instruction Booklet prior to Election Day. The same booklet will be given to you again by the Inside Queue Controller as you enter the Polling Station.

Does Pre-Poll Voting also start at 7:30 am and finish at 6:00 pm in all Pre-Poll venues?

No it does not. The Electoral Commission will prescribe and publish the dates and times in which polling will take place in all the Pre-Poll Venues.

When will the counting for Pre-Poll Ballots take place?

Pre-Poll Ballots will be counted at the National Count Centre. Counting will start at 6:00pm on Election night [14th November,2018].

Election Day Voting

When was the 2018 General Election?

14th November, 2018.
Polling started at 7:30am and closed at 6:00pm.

What time does the Polling Station open on Election Day?

The Polling Station opens at 7:30 am and closes at 6:00pm after the last person in the queue has voted.

Does the Fijian Elections Office provide transport to and from the Polling Venue?

No. The Fijian Elections Office does not provide transport to and from the Polling Venues. It is every Voter’s responsibility to take himself to the Polling Venue.

Does the Fijian Elections Office provide lunch on Election Day?

No. The Fijian Elections Office does not provide lunch on Election Day.

I am still confused about my Polling Venue. How can I confirm my Polling Venue?

You can always text your VoterCard number to 1500. You will be notified of your Polling Venue. The service is available and free of charge to all mobile networks.

How will I remember the number of the candidate I am going to vote for?

As you enter the Polling Station, the Inside Queue Controller will give you a Voter Instruction Booklet. This booklet contains the names, photos and numbers of all the candidates.

My grandmother is really old and cannot walk to the Polling Station. Can I vote on her behalf?

No. Voting on behalf of your grandmother is not allowed. Voting is to be done in person. Your grandmother may apply for Postal Voting.

However, if you have gone past the Postal Voting Application deadline, then you need to bring your grandmother to the Polling Station to cast her vote. Postal Voting Applications close at 5:00 pm on the 24th October, 2018.

Are we allowed to take photos in the Polling Station?

Use of mobile phones or any electronic device is not allowed in the Polling Station. Taking Photos is strictly prohibited.

Apart from the Election Officials, are there other people in the Polling Station?

Yes there are. There are Media Representatives, Observers and Polling Agents present in the Polling Station during Polling and Counting.

My cousin is illiterate. Can I assist him in casting his vote?

The Presiding Officer is the only authorized person who can assist your cousin. However, the assistance provided by the Presiding Officer will be witnessed by the Assistant Presiding Officer or any Polling Day Worker that is available.

Where does counting take place on Election Day?

On Election Day, counting will be done in every Polling Station after the close of Polls at 6:00pm.


Pre-poll and Postal Ballots will be counted at the National Count Centre in Suva at 6:00pm on Election Night.

Will I be taken to Court if I do not vote?

No you won’t be. Voting is not compulsory. However, we encourage every eligible Fijian Voter to vote and be part of Fiji’s democratic process.

I reside in Lautoka. But I am currently spending time with my daughter here in Sigatoka. I will probably be still here when Election Day comes. Can I just cast my vote at my daughter’s Polling Station?

No you cannot. You can only cast your vote at the Polling Station where your name appears on the Voter List. In that case, you need to go back to your usual place of residence.

You will only be allowed to voter at your daughter’s Polling Station if you have changed your address to the address of your daughter prior to the issue of the Writ.

Otherwise, if the deadline for postal applications has not passed, you could apply for a postal voting.

My mother is telling me to vote for Mr. X. But I wish to vote for someone else. What do I do?

Your vote is your choice. No one can or should decide for you. Your mother will not be able to know who you are voting for because voting is in secrecy. You are the only person who will make that choice at the Voting Screen.

Voter with Disability

I am a Voter on a Wheelchair. Do you guarantee that access to the Polling Station I am assigned to is friendly enough?

We cannot guarantee access, but it should be. In the event it does not, our Presiding Officer and Polling Day Workers will be present to ensure that you reach your Polling Station.

I am a Voter on a Wheelchair. Who will assist me during voting?

A person of your choice is allowed to assist you during voting. However, this person must be a registered voter and can only assist two (2) Voters per Polling Station.


Ensure you inform the person providing assistance to bring along their VoterCard.


Once you reach your Polling Station, inform the Inside Queue Controller that you prefer to be assisted by a person of your choice. The Inside Queue Controller will notify our Presiding Officer who will then sight the VoterCard of the person providing assistance before giving them the Voting with Disability brochure to read before you are assisted to cast your vote.


The Presiding Officer will be witnessing the whole process.

I do not have any hands. How will I be able to mark my ballot Paper?

A person of your choice could mark your Ballot Paper and this will be witnessed by the Presiding Officer. Alternatively, you could request the assistance of our Presiding Officer and this will be witnessed by the Assistant Presiding Officer or any Polling Day Worker that is available.

Counting, Results and Seat Allocation

When are the Ballot Papers counted?

Ballot Papers for Election Day are counted at the Polling Station immediately after close of poll.

Ballot Papers for Pre-Poll and Postal are counted at the National Count Centre at 6:00pm on Election night. The 2018 General Election is on 14th November, 2018.

What makes a Ballot Paper invalid?

A Ballot Paper becomes invalid if the intention of the Voter is not clear.

How do you ensure that counting is transparent?

The counting process is done in the presence of Media representatives, Observers and Polling Agents.

Can anyone present during the Count, request a recount?

Only the Polling Agents present in the Polling Station can request a recount. However, the decision of the Presiding Officer will be final.

When will we know the result of the election?

Immediately after conclusion of count at the Polling Station, the result is pasted outside a public accessible area.


At the National Count Centre, the results of each Pre-Poll venue and Postal are also pasted on a designated area after conclusion of count.


Further, live result updates will be given all through the night (Election night) until 7:00 am.


Then there will be a period of media silence until the Supervisor of Elections declares the final result within four (4) days from Election Day.


This final result will be published in the Newspapers and broadcast live by the Free to Air Television stations.

Who allocates the seats to the successful candidates?

The Electoral Commission allocates the 51 seats to the successful candidates.

How does the Electoral Commission decide on the final 51 candidates?

First, the Electoral Commission needs to calculate the 5% threshold. The parties or candidates that do not meet the 5% threshold do not qualify for a seat in Parliament.


For Parties or independent candidates that meet the 5% threshold, they will use the d’Hondt formula to determine the 51 candidates who will qualify for a seat in Parliament.

Will the Electoral Commission publicly declare the new members of Parliament?

Yes, the Electoral Commission will publish the names of the Candidates that are to be elected as members of Parliament.

General Questions

What happens to all the election materials after Election Day?

All the election materials are safely stored at the Fijian Elections Office Warehouse and no person is allowed to have access, unless ordered to do so by a Court.


Materials are kept for one year before being destroyed upon the instruction by the Supervisor of Elections.

What is a Writ?

Writ is a written command for the election of members of Parliament, issued by the President under section 59 of the Constitution.


The Writ will include the number of members of Parliament to be returned at election, date on or before which the Writ is returnable to the President, date, time and place at which nomination of candidates for the election is to be received and the Election Date.

When do the nominations for candidates open?

Candidate nominations for the 2018 General Election opens on 1st October, 2018 and closes at 12:00pm on 15th October,2018.

When does registration of political parties close?

Political Party Registrations are now closed.

When should the National Candidates List be prepared?

Within seven (7) days following close of nominations for the election, a National Candidates List containing the names of all approved candidates will be prepared.

When will candidates be assigned a three (3) digit number?

The candidates will be assigned a three (3) digit number after the Candidate Ball Draw is conducted, within seven (7) days following the close of nominations.

Postal Voting FAQs

When will postal voting application open?

Postal voting applications are now open.

How do I apply?

  1. You can download an application form from the website: Postal Voting Application 
  2. Complete the application form.
  • Photocopy VoterCard
  1. Send application form and copy of VoterCard to:

Fijian Elections Office

P.O. Box 2528

Government Buildings



Hand deliver to 59-63 High Street, Toorak.

When is the last day to apply for postal voting?

Postal Voting Applications close at 5.00pm on 24th October, 2018.

How will I know that my postal application is accepted?

You will receive an email or txt notifying you of the result of your application.

What to do if my postal application is rejected?

You need to write to the Electoral Commission to Appeal against the decision.

When will I receive my postal package?

Within two (2) weeks prior to Election Day.

I have not received my postal package. When will I receive it?

You can follow up on your postal packages by calling these numbers:


FEO: 3316225 or 8951126. The liaison person is Gavula Vuatalevu.

Local – EMS: 3340222 or 9997314. The liaison person is Ravinesh Dayal.

Overseas – DHL:  3372760 or 7790404. The liaison person is Anisi Amputch.

I am a Postal Voter. How do I cast my vote?

If your application for Postal Voting is successful, you will receive a Postal Voting Package. The Postal Voting Package will have the following:


  1. Voter Instruction Booklet.
  2. Ballot Paper.
  • Postal Voting Pamphlet.
  1. Secret Envelope.
  2. Transmission Envelope.
  3. Return Envelope.


Once you receive your Postal Voting Package, use the Voter Instruction Booklet to check the number of the Candidate you wish to vote for. After identifying the number of your choice, either Circle or Tick or Cross the number on the Ballot Paper. Then fold the Ballot Paper and insert it into the Secret Envelope. Then place the Secret Envelope into the Transmission Envelope. Complete and sign the Declaration at the back of the Transmission Envelope before inserting the Transmission Envelope into the Return Envelope.

How do I return my postal ballot?

Drop your Return Envelope to the nearest Courier Outlet. For overseas voters this will be DHL and local voters will be EMS (Post Fiji).

You can also hand deliver to our HQ in 59-63 High Street Toorak, Suva. This must be received before 6:00pm on Election Day (14 November, 2018).

Alternatively, you can drop it off at any of the Area Offices near you, three (3) days before Election Day  or before 6:00pm on Election Day.

I have just been nominated at my workplace to attend a training in New Zealand and will be away on Election Day. How will I cast my vote?

You may apply for Postal Voting. However, Postal Voting Applications close on 24 October, 2018.


If you had gone past the Postal Voting application deadline, then you will not be able to cast your vote.

When is the last day to receive Postal Votes?

All Postal Ballots must reach the Fijian Elections Office no later than 6:00pm on Election Day.

I am unable to go to a Polling Station on Election Day due to my religious beliefs. Does that mean I cannot vote?

You can still vote. You can apply to do Postal Voting. However, if you miss the Postal Voting Application deadline, you are unable to vote.

My father is very old and may not be able to travel to his assigned Polling Station. Are you able to do mobile voting?

Your father can always apply for Postal Voting. In the event, you miss the Postal Voting Application deadline; please try your best to bring your father to his assigned Polling Station.

How are the Postal Votes counted?

All Postal Ballots will be counted at the National Count Centre in Suva. Counting started at 6:00pm on Election night.

Voter Registration FAQs

I have already registered and voted in the 2014 General Election, Do I need to register again for this year’s Election?

No. You do not need to register again. If you have already registered, your record is still active and will be used for this year’s Election.

Registration is closed.

Can I still use my old VoterCard (Voter Card 1.0) to go and vote this year?

Both VoterCard 1.0 and VoterCard 2.0 are valid.

How can I check for my confirmed polling venue?

Use the 1500 text Platform. Text your Voter Number to 1500.

I have tried texting my voter number to 1500, response is Invalid EVR number. What should I do?

  1. Text your number using the following format: 0123 456 78910 [Follow correct EVR Number format and spacing].
  2. If (i) still does not solve the problem, refer query to the FEO Command Centre for further verification.

Can I still change my polling venue?

Update of voter details, change of Polling Venue and Voter Registrations are now closed.

I’m very sick and cannot go and vote at my assigned Polling Station. Can my ballot paper be brought to me at home?

You can apply for Postal Voting. [For more information on postal voting, refer to postal voting FAQ’s]

I currently reside in Australia. But I am spending my holidays in Fiji and will be here on Election Day. Is it possible to vote at a Polling Station close to where I stay?

If you have registered in Australia, you will not be able to vote in a Polling Station in Fiji. You should instead, apply for postal voting.

My son just turned 18. Can I still register him now?

No. Voter registration is now closed.

I do not have any other form of valid photo ID, will I still be allowed to vote without any form of ID?

You still can vote. The PO will need to take necessary measures in verifying your identity. This may take a bit longer because you will need to answer some questions before you will be issued with your ballot paper.

It’s Election Day and I have misplaced my VoterCard. The Voter Services Centre is far away from where I reside. Can I still vote without my voter ID Card?

Yes. You can present another form of valid photo ID at the Polling Station.

I have lost my VoterCard. Can I get my card replaced?

Yes, visit your closest Voter Services Centre to have your card replaced. Replacement of VoterCard will be available in all Voter Services Centre from 11 October, 2018 to 14 November, 2018.